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Europa Content is seeking a creative and editorial agent to join our boutique literary management and production company.

Candidates should be NYC-based, and have an established list in their respective areas of concentration and the ability to work with high profile and trend setting writers and creators. This position will play a pivotal role in identifying, signing, and nurturing talented authors for the agency, negotiating deals, guiding the creative and editorial process with authors, collaborating with colleagues, and managing a roster of clients’ literary careers across mediums. Applicants must possess a deep understanding of the publishing industry, with 5+ years of book agenting experience, a passion for creative storytelling, and exceptional relationship management skills.

While developing and selling authors and creators to the publishing world is the essence of this job, our ideal hire will see the value in connecting their list with other opportunities outside of traditional books and be driven to make the kind of signings that move the culture. While candidates should have experience navigating the complexities of client management, they should also remain open to learning fresh approaches to representation and deal making.

We particularly value applicants who:

+   are intellectually curious, analytical, creative, and neuro diverse

+   have geeky enthusiasms and a keen sense of for how they can translate into books

+   are highly organized with an eye for detail

+   are driven, self-motivated, take the initiative and solve problems

+   are happy to work both independently and collaboratively

+   have excellent judgment and excellent written and verbal communication skills

+   enjoy building networks and connecting people from different fields

+   understand publishing contracts and deal terms

+   are eager to learn about and seek opportunities in non-print formats such as audio, podcasting, Film/TV, brand management, and more

The core responsibilities of this position include:

+   scouting, researching, and signing authors

+   staying up-to-date on industry trends, market demands, and emerging opportunities

+   developing book proposals/manuscripts

+   maintaining a healthy network of editors, co-agents, and managers

+   brainstorming and sharing ideas in biweekly staff meetings

+   reading and collaborating on colleagues’ proposals, pitches, and submission lists

+   maintaining accurate and up-to-date client records and submissions

+   negotiating contracts and managing financial aspects of author representation

+   providing a high level of care and support throughout clients’ publishing journeys

+   collaborating with marketing and publicity teams to develop effective promotional strategies for authors and their works, including book tours, media appearances, and online campaigns

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