Hi, thanks for your interest in agenting at Publishizer!

Do you love books and deal-making? If not, then agenting might not be an enjoyable career for you. If yes, then please read on.

Agenting at Publishizer is a service provided to authors, at no cost, to help them connect with high-quality traditional publishers for their book. Agents take an active role in scouting and prospecting potential authors to work with. This includes researching online and reaching out to people and authors to discuss their book idea, launch a book crowdfunding campaign on Publishizer, and  even representation at a later stage. 

It is really important for our Agents to understand how book publishing works, the key players involved—such as editors, imprints, and publishing houses—and provide the needed guidance for our authors to be successful and get their books out there.

There is so much available today in terms of technology and social platforms to help you discover and work with unique and interesting people. To become a great agent at Publishizer, you have to be an expert at discovering potential authors and getting them to launch a book crowdfunding campaign with us. Your authors will want you to represent them and land traditional publishing deals for their books. 

About Publishizer

Publishizer is a crowdfunding literary agency and book publishing marketplace, which enables and spreads great book ideas around the world. Founded in 2015, Publishizer is revolutionizing how books get published. Not only do we crowdfund book proposals and negotiate publishing deals, we also provide a wide range of services by means of our publishing expertise and key connections in the industry. 

Phase 1 (crowdfunding) and phase 2 (landing deals/publishers). The Agent role at Publishizer is for phase 1 (crowdfunding), with opportunity to get training on phase 2 (landing deals/publishers). Your goal as an Agent is to help every author you work with to launch a book crowdfunding campaign and land a traditional publisher via our marketplace. Our goal as a company is to offer you meaningful work, meaningful relationships, and the freedom to focus on book topics you love. Meet our Team in our updated Catalog here.

The Role:

  • Researching and prospecting new authors for Publishizer on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as writer platforms like Medium and Amazon
  • Personal outreach via e-mail automation software and phone calls to explain Publishizer and the benefits of crowdfunding and traditional publishing
  • Onboarding authors to start profiles on Publishizer and coaching them through the steps to complete appropriate components for a book crowdfunding campaign
  • Editing and positioning proposals and book ideas for acquisition
  • Learn about book acquisitions, rights, and the traditional publisher landscape to get your authors reputable book deals
  • Have the opportunity to progress to a full literary rights agent

Needed for the role:

  • Experience in book publishing as an agent, scout, editor, intern, or associate
  • Knowledge of the publishing industry, popular books and authors, and a desire to work with them
  • Must be an avid reader of english-language books in commercial books, mainly (but not exclusively) nonfiction
  • Must be a self-starter who takes initiative to get things done and is eager to learn
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment of a growing, innovative book publishing startup
  • Possess a self-reliant mix of enthusiasm, quick thinking, and ingenuity that drives you to accomplish tasks and goals
  • Comfortable with uncertainty and able to adapt to overcome obstacles with problem-solving
  • Focused individual willing to get shit done rather than waiting for perfection and/or direction from the team


  • Must hit minimum monthly author funding quota at 20,000 euros; which means launching 15 authors per month in book crowdfunding campaigns
  • Publishizer will give you training, processes, and appropriate resources to help you learn how to hit this minimum goal
  • This is a full-time position of at least 40 hours per week. Agents have freedom over their own time and place of work.


Agents are paid a base salary of 1,000 euros per month. You earn 15% of your author book crowdfunding campaigns, with commissions paid after the base salary is covered. There is no cap on commission payments. Our top agents earn much more than the base salary each month.

To Apply:

Please send a CV to Lee Constantine, Cofounder, at

Contact Information

Lee Constantine, Cofounder
297 Starr Street
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