Capitol Technology University

Adjunct Professor, English Composition

Capitol Technology University, a nonprofit university located in Laurel, Maryland, seeks an Adjunct Professor to teach undergraduate courses in English Composition (described below) via on-ground classroom delivery at Laurel campus.

Note: Must be able to teach mornings on campus in Laurel, MD.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Minimum of a Master’s Degree in English or a closely related field
  • Professional experience related to the field of study desirable
  • College-level teaching experience preferred

List of Essential Duties:

  • Manages and facilitates class activities and adheres to and meets all established university policies
  • Submits final grades no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of their last day of class; remains available to students during the week following the posting of final grades
  • Participates in student learning outcomes assessment related to the adjunct's teaching assignment, as directed by the Chair and Dean
  • Adheres to all established university absence and attendance policies, guidelines, and requirements
  • Completes related duties as assigned

Courses Offered:

EN-001 Basic Writing Skills: This course covers the basic skills of written expression, reading comprehension, and vocabulary building, which will enable the students to clearly present feelings, ideas, and opinions. It includes a review of spelling, punctuation, and word usage plus sentence construction and other basic writing skills. Students will be expected to complete numerous short writing assignments with an emphasis on paragraphs. Study skills are also stressed.

ENI-LAB English Communications Intensive Lab: Students in this lab focus on specific areas for improvement including punctuation, grammar, verb formation, and usage.

EN-101 English I: This introductory college-level course focuses on effective oral and written communication skills and the development of analytical abilities through various reading and writing assignments. Students must be able to demonstrate competence in writing mechanics, including grammar, structure, and logical content development when writing essays, summaries, and short reports. Rhetorical modes may include description, compare/contrast, personal experience, definition, illustration, and process demonstration. Oral presentation skills are developed through the delivery of two speeches on related topics.

EN-102 English II:  This sequel to EN-101 involves more sophisticated research, reading, writing, and speaking assignments. Emphasis is on summarizing and analyzing short articles, including one in-class analysis. Students will demonstrate competence in research and documentation methods by conducting one major research project during the semester.


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