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Poets & Writers Groups: Code of Conduct

In developing Poets & Writers Groups, we hope to provide a safe space where writers, translators, editors, and readers can find one another and connect. A writers group is one of the first things many authors recommend as an effective way to build a community, stay connected, and hone one’s craft through peer feedback. Often we are asked, “But how do I find a writers group?” Poets & Writers Groups is our answer to that question.

In order to create a safe space for you to connect, communicate, and collaborate, Poets & Writers sets forth a code of conduct that users must abide by when using this community-building and collaboration tool. This code of content prioritizes respect, honesty, safety, integrity, and privacy for all users of Poets & Writers Groups.

Poets & Writers will not tolerate hate speech or harassment of any kind. Examples of harassment include:

• Offensive comments related to one’s personal, professional, religious, or political identity. 
• Unwelcome comments regarding an individual’s lifestyle choices and practices.
• Deliberate misgendering or using inappropriate pronouns.
• Gratuitous or off-topic sexual images or behavior.
• Threats of violence.
• Incitement of violence towards any individual or group.
• Deliberate intimidation.
• Stalking or unwanted following, online or in the physical world.
• Sustained disruption of a group’s discussion.
• Unwelcomed sexual attention.
• Continued one-on-one communication after requests to cease.

In addition, users of Poets & Writers Groups must respect the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights is prohibited. 

Poets & Writers reserves the right to remove any users who violate these rules.

Only users who register for a Poets & Writers Groups profile can view the index of profiles. Each user is responsible for the information that is shared on their profile, and any user can hide or delete their profile at any time.

The index of groups is public, but only members of a group can access the information and documents shared in that particular group’s communications hub. Group owners and group editors are responsible for the information that is shared on their group profile. Only group owners and editors may remove a member from a group for any reason at any time. Only a group owner can delete a group. We highly recommend that all members be notified before deleting a group, as documents and information shared on the deleted group’s communications hub will be lost. Open and honest communication is vital to the success of any group.

To report any issues or violations, please e-mail For more information, read our Terms of Use.

We are excited to share Poets & Writers Groups with you. Please help us keep this a safe, respectful, and collaborative space for all.