The Decline of Marginalia in the E-book Age, How to Make Use of Those Old Hardcovers, and More


Every day Poets & Writers Magazine scans the headlines—from publishing reports to academic announcements to literary dispatchesfor all the news that creative writers need to know. Here are today's stories:

Does the rise of the e-book mean the decline of marginalia? (New York Times)

A batch of books owned—and written in—by Thomas Jefferson is unearthed at Washington University. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

For the e-book devotee who mourns the smell, the feel of the real thing, Wonder How To presents a nifty guide to making a Kindle cover from a hardback book.

Five lost stories by Daphne du Maurier were discovered by a British bookseller, who describes them as even darker than the author's macabre published work. (Guardian)

Patti Smith's memoir is up for another literary award, with Just Kids among the Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalists. (Paper Cuts)

Today is International Mother Language Day. (United Nations)

The Huffington Post's Nataly Kelly pens a love letter to Irish, the endangered language of her home country.

Bilingual babies may be better equipped for complex thought later in life. (Science News)