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“I read aloud. This can make writing anywhere besides at home nearly impossible. I envy those who write in cafés, but each time I try it myself, I only eavesdrop. Reading aloud, I become more emotionally invested in the moment I’m trying to create; I feel present in the dialogue, so I’m more likely to hear the response to something a character has said, rather than force it. I read aloud slowly and deliberately. If I have a particularly productive morning writing, I’ll often have a slightly sore throat in the afternoon from all that talking to myself. When hearing fragments from something I’m working on doesn’t help guide me, I read aloud the work of writers I admire—Raymond Carver, Lorrie Moore, Italo Calvino, George Saunders, Roberto Bolaño, Joan Didion—writers whose language offers a kind of borrowed rhythm to embrace and articulate for a while. And when that doesn’t work, I go for a walk, a run, a bike ride—some outside activity, preferably in the sun and surrounded by the movement of other people, and I try again the next day.”
—Sarah Bruni, author of The Night Gwen Stacy Died (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013)


The power of reading aloud.

I live in a place full of people and sometimes they run in and out of the house and lately I have given up on reading aloud. I shouldn't because that is probably the most purest and objective way to hear your own words come to life and I thank you for the advice which works for you. I need to maybe read aloud in other places...outside? Not sure.


It was so nice to read that

It was so nice to read that someone else reads out loud too!  I always loved reading stories out loud to my children, but I feel more connected to my own writing when I hear it being read.  There are many times if I have to call someone, I write what I want to make sure to say, then read it out loud over the phone.  Several times the person compliments how wonderfully I can express my thoughts and feelings so spontaneouly! . Ah if they only knew!   Thank you for your recomendation.  Now I know there is hope!