May/June 1987

In the first full-length interview given to an American publication, Susan Minot talks about her experiences as a first novelist.


Report from Kansas City

by Carla Fisch
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Kansas City, Missouri, has an increasingly active literary community.

A Tribute to Marie Bullock

by Anthony Hecht
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Marie Bullock was the founder and president of Academy of American Poets. Her long crusade in the cause of poetry is remembered by one of the poets who knew her.

An Interview With Susan Minot

by Anne O'Malley
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Debut author Susan Minot discusses her novel-in-stories, Monkeys.

What Constitutes Previous Publication?

by Patricia Monaghan
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A survey among magazine editors turns up a wide diversity of views.

The Fiction Writer as Journalist

by Kathleen Hirsch
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A writer learns to balance the demands of a dual career.