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J. D. Nelson experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,000 of his poems have appeared in many small press and underground publications. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including *Cinderella City* (The Red Ceilings, 2012), *When the Sea Dies* (NAP, 2011), and *The Frankendelphia Experiment* (Tainted Coffee, 2010). His audio experiments are available at OwlNoise.com. Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. J. D. lives in Colorado, USA.

Publications and Prizes

A Common Spring Vol. 2
(A Common Spring, 2006)
, Anthology 6
(Green Panda Press, 2006)
, Best of The Dream People Poets
(The Dream People, 2003)
, Megaera Anthology Volume 1
(Megaera, 2005)
, Pussy Lickin' Good
(Ebullience Press, 2006)
, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar 2005
(Palabra Press, 2005)
, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar 2006
(Palabra Press, 2006)
, San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar 2007
(Palabra Press, 2007)
, The Boy's No Good
(Cat Scan Press, 2007)
, The Golden Wings
(Cyberwit.net, 2002)
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Cinderella City
(The Red Ceilings Press, 2012)
, Noise Difficulty Flower
(Argotist Ebooks, 2010)
, On the Toad
(Friends of the Red Cedar Trail, 2011)
, Piso Mojado
(Argotist Ebooks, 2012)
, The Frankendelphia Experiment
(Tainted Coffee Press, 2010)

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Celtic American, Irish American
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Boulder, CO
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