Elephant Rock Retreat for Writing and Yoga

Birchwood, WI, United States
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Elephant Rock Summer Solstice Retreat for Writing and Yoga offered five-day residencies from June 16 to June 21 to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers at Stout's Island Lodge on Red Cedar Lake in Birchwood, Wisconsin. The residency offered workshops in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as daily yoga and meditation sessions, readings, nature walks, and nightly bonfires. The faculty included fiction and creative nonfiction writer Jeannine Ouellette. Tuition was $1,495 per person for a double room, and $1,695 for a single room, which included breakfast, lunch, and one dinner. Residents were responsible for additonal food, travel, and incidental expenses. Tuition was due by March 15. Call, e-mail, or visit the website for an application and complete guidelines.

Contact Information

Elephant Rock Retreat for Writing and Yoga, 88 Clarence Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414. (612) 801-2566. Jeannine Ouellette, Contact