Authors Guild Reacts to Wylie Deal, Dublin Named City of Literature, and More


Every day Poets & Writers Magazine scans the headlines—from publishing reports to academic announcements to literary dispatches—for all the news that creative writers need to know. Here are today's stories:

The publishing industry had some strong reactions to last week's Amazon-Wylie e-book rights deal, with the Authors Guild posting two official responses to the news and calling it "the most important development in electronic publishing since Apple entered the market offering publishers an 'agency model' for selling e-books." The Guild applauded the deal while HarperCollins UK joined Macmillan and Random House in condemning it. (Bookseller)

Today Dublin became the fourth UNESCO city of literature. (Irish Times)

Richard Hugo House in Seattle is hosting The Novel: Live, a six-day event during which thirty-six Northwest authors will collaborate on a book-length work of fiction. 

The Library of America launched its first blog, Reader's Almanac, on Friday. (Los Angeles Times)

On his eightieth birthday, a Canadian retiree received a laptop computer from his sons. Seven years later, he's written and published five books, and another is set to be released this fall. (Star)

The Queens Library in New York City is set to lose forty-six staffers on September 3, due to budget cuts. (Library Journal)

Charles Bicke won the 2010 "Papa" Hemingway look-alike contest in Key West, Florida, where the Nobel Prize-winning novelist lived and wrote in the 1930s. (Independent)

A fake movie trailer for "Jane Austen's Fight Club" became a viral hit over the weekend. Click here to see "Lizzie Bennett and other Austen characters—including Emma and the Dashwoods—setting up an underground boxing club, in manner of the cult
David Fincher film Fight Club." (Telegraph)