Arnold Skemer

58-09 205 Street
Bayside, NY 11364-1712
(718) 428-9368

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Primary focus: Oneiric distortions of reality trending towards pure surrealism, the perversities of history, anomalies of the social order, futility, inherent despair, malfunctions of the state, the sickness inherent in the human psyche, urban decay and anomie, the dread perplexity of mankind's progress and evolution wedged into fiction and poetic output of an oft unusual structuring.

Publications and Prizes

(Phrygian Press, 1996)
, C
(Phrygian Press, 1992)
, Cloaca
(Phrygian Press, 2012)
, D
(Phrygian Press, 1995)
, Disequilibrium
(Propaganda Press, 2012)
, Dream Network
(Phrygian Press, 1995)
, E
(Phrygian Press, 2003)
, G
(Phrygian Press, 2009)
, H
(Phrygian Press, 2013)
, I
(Phrygian Press, 2011)
, Investigations of the Cyberneticist
(Phrygian Press, 1999)
, Judex Prolegomenon
(Phrygian Press, 2015)
, Momus
(Phrygian Press, 1997)
, Of the Extinction of the Hittites
(Phrygian Press, 2008)
, Septptych/ Octptych
(Phrygian Press, 2014)
, Sexptych
(Phrygian Press, 2010)
, The Famine
(Phrygian Press, 1985)
, The Occupation
(Phrygian Press, 1996)
, The Ruins of the City
(Phrygian Press, 1998)
, The School of Zeno
(Phrygian Press, 2016)
4th International Anthology of Paradoxism
(florentine smarandache, 2004)
, 8th International Anthology of Paradoxism
(florentine smarandache, 2013)
, The Worst Book I Ever Read
(The Unbearables Productions, 2009)
Amulet, Big Hammer, Black Book Press, Blackbird, Blue Collar Review, Conceit Magazine, Dream Network, Drop Forge, Generator, Home Planet News, Illogical Muse, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Karma Lapel, LETTERBOX, Lost & Found Times, Lummox Journal, Meat Epoch, Misfitmagazine, New Surrealism, Over the Transom, Poiesis, PRESA, Samizdat, Small Magazine Review, Small Press Review, Spontaneous Spirits, Spore, Street Value, the Aurorean, The Iconoclast, The Laughing Dog, Transcendent Visions, Transmoog, Ultimate Writer, Veil, ZYX

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