Anam Cara Workshops

Eyeries, Ireland

Anam Cara offers weeklong workshop retreats to poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers from June to September near Eyeries in County Cork, Ireland, overlooking Coulagh Bay and the mountains and farmlands of the Beara Peninsula. “Fact Into Fiction,” taught by poet and fiction writer Nessa O’Mahony and filmmaker Peter Salisbury, was held from June 22 through June 28. “Mythic Imagination,” taught by poet and nonfiction writer Adam Wyeth, was held from July 6 through July 12. “It’s Never Too Late to Write,” taught by fiction writer Vanessa Gebbie, was held from August 31 through September 6. The cost of each workshop retreat was €1,000 (approximately $1,130), which included tuition, lodging, and meals. Registration was first come, first served. Visit the website for more information.

Contact Information

Anam Cara Workshops, Eyeries, Beara, County Cork, Ireland. Sue Booth-Forbes, Director.