360 Xochi Quetzal Winter Residency

Chapala boats
Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
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360 Xochi Quetzal offered monthlong residencies from December 14, 2017, to January 13, 2018, to poets, fiction writers, and nonfiction writers in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, on the shores of Lake Chapala. Two writers received lodging in a hacienda-style home with private bedrooms and shared living/workspace, as well as some meals. There was no cost to attend the residency. Writers over the age of 23 were eligible to apply. Using the online submission system, writers submited a project proposal and five pages of poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, with a $39 application fee by July 31. Applications submitted by June 25, 2017 received a $10 discount. Visit the website for the required entry form and complete guidelines.

Contact Information

360 Xochi Quetzal Winter Residency, Flavio Romero #360A, Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico 45900