Brief but Spectacular


"I tell people that spoken word poetry is a type of poetry that doesn't just want to live on paper, that something about it demands to be heard out loud and witnessed in person." For the first installment of PBS NewsHour's "Brief but Spectacular" series, Sarah Kay talks about the importance of making poetry accessible and reads her poem "The Paradox."


Elizabeth Alexander


"I think that in writing, we do try to fix moments so that somehow they're captured." Elizabeth Alexander speaks with PBS NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown about the loss of her husband and her experiences in writing her new memoir, The Light of the World (Grand Central Publishing, 2015).

George Hodgman


"I always, always wanted to write a book and I had been carrying around little slivers, and this emotional moment allowed me to access everything." George Hodgman speaks with PBS NewsHour's Judy Woodruff about his memoir, Bettyville (Viking, 2015), which explores his experiences caring for his aging mother.


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