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Elena Passarello


“The thing when you write about pop culture—especially pop culture that you’re interested in—that you have to avoid, is just saying ‘isn’t this cool?’ again and again...I realized that I needed to put myself into it.” Elena Passarello talks about writing creative nonfiction and reads from her first book, Let Me Clear My Throat (Sarabande Books, 2012). Passarello’s Animals Strike Curious Poses (Sarabande Books, 2017) is featured in Page One in the March/April issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

Poets & Writers Live: Portland, Oregon Highlights


Poets & Writers Live was at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, on October 17, 2015, for a program on independent publishing, featuring Barry Lopez, Matthew Dickman, Elena Passarello, Leni Zumas, Tom Spanbauer, Michael Wiegers, Mindy Nettifee, and many other authors, editors, agents, and literary professionals. More information about this and other Poets & Writers Live events can be found at

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