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A Conversation With Olivia Wenzel


“I come from a family for whom travel was always an unfulfilled longing. But not really in the sense of a lone wolf,” reads Olivia Wenzel from her debut novel, 1,000 Coils of Fear (Catapult, 2022), translated from the German by Priscilla Layne, in this conversation with Jamele Watkins with an introduction by Rosemarie Peña, founder and president of the Black German Heritage and Research Association. Wenzel’s novel is featured in Page One in the July/August issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.


Pop Song: Larissa Pham With R. O. Kwon


“It’s a book about being present to the world and accepting the complexity of the world.” In this virtual event hosted by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Larissa Pham speaks about her new book, Pop Song: Adventures in Art and Intimacy (Catapult, 2021), and the subjects addressed in her essays, including relationships and the differences of expression through visual art and writing, in a conversation with R. O. Kwon.

Collective Body Possum


In this video, Jess Arndt’s action text “Collective Body Possum” is performed by Swedish electronic music duo the Knife during their 2014 world tour. Arndt, whose debut story collection, Large Animals, was published in May by Catapult, is featured in “First Fiction 2017” in the July/August issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

Love and Shame and Love


“Upon moments like these, time never stops gnawing its little beaver teeth and the dialogue never stops even after we stop listening.” In this 2012 video, Peter Orner reads from his novel Love and Shame and Love (Little, Brown, 2011). His first essay collection, Am I Alone Here? Notes on Living to Read and Reading to Live (Catapult, 2016), is featured in Page One in the November/December issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

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