2 Fresh 2 Furious


This short film, starring comedian and author Mike Birbiglia and "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross, was part of last week's live "This American Life" show that was seen in movie theaters across the country. Birbiglia's 2010 book, Sleepwalk With Me and Other Painfully True Stories, was made into a movie that will be released by IFC Films this fall.

Are You My Mother?


The trailer for Are You My Mother? offers a glimpse into Alison Bechdel's fascinating "metabook," published this month by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, in which she investigates her mother's life in search of clues about the mother-daughter gulf. For a closer look, check out this issue's installment of The Written Image.

Patrick Somerville


The trailer for Patrick Somerville's second novel, This Bright River, forthcoming in late June from Regan Arthur Books, will likely strike a chord with anyone who grew up in the pre-Internet age playing text adventures such as Zork (which also factors into the back story of one of the new novel's main characters, Ben Hanson). "I hoped that the 'user'—as well as the viewer—would be a little creeped out, but also intrigued," Somerville says. Mission accomplished.


Bill Clegg


In this video from the Daily Beast, literary agent and author Bill Clegg, who was one of four agents featured on the cover of our July/August 2011 issue, talks about shame, recovery from drug addiction, and his new memoir, NInety Days: A Memoir of Recovery. When you're done watching the video, listen to an audio clip of Clegg reading an excerpt from the book.


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