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Chloé Cooper Jones on Easy Beauty


“The experience of being disabled in the world is an experience of feeling always kept on the sidelines of real life.” In this short video, Chloé Cooper Jones, a 2020 Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant recipient, speaks about her debut memoir, Easy Beauty (Avid Reader Press, 2022). Cooper Jones is featured in “The New Nonfiction 2022” in the September/October issue of Poets & Writers Magazine.

Jess Row


In this 2015 video, Jess Row reads from his debut novel, Your Face in Mine (Riverhead Books, 2014), for the Story Hour in the Library series at the University of California in Berkeley. Row is a recipient of the 2018 Whiting Creative Nonfiction Grant for White Flights: Race, Fiction, and the American Imagination, forthcoming from Graywolf Press.

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