Richard Zenith on Pessoa


“Fernando Pessoa in many ways was a writer of not so much his own time, but even more of a future time.” Translator and scholar Richard Zenith speaks about the life and work of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa collected in his new book, Pessoa: A Biography (Liveright, 2021), in this conversation with poet, editor, and translator Patricio Ferrari for Powell’s Books.

José Eduardo Agualusa


“It’s a notebook, it’s not a collection of poems, it’s not exactly a novel, no fiction, what is this? Nobody knows.” In this video, Angolan author José Eduardo Agualusa talks about being influenced by Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet. Agualusa won the 2017 International Dublin Literary Award for his novel A General Theory of Oblivion (Vintage, 2016) with Daniel Hahn, who translated the book from the Portuguese. 

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