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greetings from Austin TX
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John Onorato

Jun 4, 2013, 3:04 PM

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greetings from Austin TX Can't Post

Hi there --

My name is John, and I've been wrestling with words for a very long time now.

I've got a stack of journals as long as your arm, maybe more. Since digital words take up no room, I haven't even begun to count that.

I do poetry, essays, long form, short form, whatever. Recently I've been writing blog posts for an animation company here, and they are actually paying me to do so (I believe it; I've already cashed the first check). I never thought I'd see one thin dime for my writing, but there it is.

I have a brain injury as well. I look very "normal" and I present well; you'd likely never know I had it unless I told you or unless you knew what to look for. Unfortunately for me, this makes most traditional work environments very bad for me -- things have to be quiet; I don't tolerate fluorescent lights well (which are everywhere), chaos is very bad for me as I can't filter things out like most folks can.

Now, 28 years after my injury, I am getting some post-acute care as far as reintegrating into the workforce and finding jobs that I CAN do. Ideally this would be writing. I love doing it; I'm good at it; and especially when I am home i can control the environment to my liking and be more productive that way.

What are your experiences with writing professionally? Or with brain injury? Comments, questions, whatever, it's all welcome.

Thanks for having me here.

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e-mail user

Jun 8, 2013, 4:05 PM

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Re: [Anamacha] greetings from Austin TX [In reply to] Can't Post

I have no experience with brain injury. I have a little experience with Austin, which I consider a fine place to live -- the only place in Texas I would seriously consider. As for writing for a living, it's hard work, but it can be done. I suggest you look at the American Society of Journalists and Authors (http://www.asja.org/index.php) for information on building up a portfolio and marketing your skills. Be prepared to write about something that someone else chooses for you, and find a new angle on it, and you can (with talent and luck) be self-supporting.

The Review Mirror, available at www.unsolicitedpress.com

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