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A Nervous Salutation
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Tonya Sauer
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Feb 16, 2013, 11:10 PM

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A Nervous Salutation Can't Post

I am at an impasse in my writing life and looking for inspiration. I am twenty-three, newly married, a nurse, but most importantly, I am a poet. I have never published, though I have submitted work to several publications. I suppose I am looking for a place to share work and receive honest, critical feedback so that I may better my writing. My work is largely informed by my job (I work in geriatrics), but I am trying to branch out and touch different topics.
So...that's pretty much it...
Thanks to anyone who reads this,

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Feb 17, 2013, 11:53 AM

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Re: [tsauer89] A Nervous Salutation [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome, Tonya. I am afraid, however, that this is not a place for sharing work and getting feedback. We might be able to help you find such a place, or even form your own group, but we don't share work here. We do share all sorts of other information about ourselves and our work and how to make our work better, or better known, so I hope you will find it worth your while to stay a while and get to know us.

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