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My Introduction
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Peter Pollak

Oct 30, 2012, 3:45 PM

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My Introduction Can't Post

It's always interesting to find yet another forum to interact with other writers. How is this one different from the many Linked-In and Goodreads (et al) groups? I guess I'll find out.

Here's my story: When I retired a few years ago I had a folder full of short story and novel beginnings, middles and even a few endings, although none of them matched up. I decided to try to finish a novel (The Expendable Man, 2011) and then self-published it when a half dozen readers were impressed. It has flaws, of course, but not so many to prevent readers from staying up late to find out whether the protagonist survives.

Next I worked on two police procedurals--one which I self-published earlier this year. Making the Grade has a female protagonist whose past re-enters her life in ways she could not have foreseen. My reading public liked this one a little more perhaps because my writing skills had improved.

I'm about to self-publish another suspense, the title of which is Last Stop on Desolation Ridge. It's short and like the others a compelling read. If you try it you won't want to put it down.

Next on my agenda is a fantasy which I'm going to go the traditional route of finding an agent, etc. I have one critique partner and would be willing to work with another as long as s/he is writing pretty much full time and is writing in the same genre (fantasy).

Feedback, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Main Index » About the Speakeasy » Introductions


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