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new-ish here too :)
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May 8, 2012, 2:13 PM

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new-ish here too :) Can't Post

I'm a lurker ;) thought I'd join in the fun. I have no "writer friends" to bounce ideas around with in person, or ask my silly, silly questions, so thought I'd go virtual. Right now, as a 40 year old writer I am a bit frustrated, but I think many of us are. (sigh). My favorite writing books are Writing Down the Bones and Bird by Bird. If I had only purchased those two in my life, I'd be a lot richer. Oh and yes, I'm from Arkansas. (Yes, I'm wearing shoes, at least at the moment.)

Buy this book!

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May 8, 2012, 4:21 PM

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Re: [arkie] new-ish here too :) [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome, Arkie.

Somewhere around here we have a topic on various favorite writing books. The two you mention have a lot of followers, but maybe some of the other books will be useful to you. They tend to fall into two general categories: inspiration and craft. Make sure you read some of the craft books to go with the inspiration books.

And just jump into the water and ask your questions, silly or not.

The Review Mirror, available at www.unsolicitedpress.com

Difficult Listening, Sundays from ten to noon (Central time), at http://www.radiofreenashville.org/.


May 9, 2012, 11:19 AM

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Re: [pongo] new-ish here too :) [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks Pongo!

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