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Hi - Intro. by Cyber Romance Genre Babe
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Mary McFarland
Mary H. McFarland
e-mail user

Aug 28, 2009, 8:26 PM

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Hi - Intro. by Cyber Romance Genre Babe Can't Post

Hi, everyone. Love the speakeasy. I did some recon before deciding to introduce myself and see that this is a supportive environment for all who love to write. I also noted that my old professor from grad. school, Dr. Gary Pacernik, is listed as a writer, so that made me feel comfortable.

I'm Mary, aka "Alexa Carosella" (pen-name). I'm revising novel number one, a contemporary romantic suspense called Mostwanted.zip, and developing the superstructure for novel number two, a mainstream fiction, called Mule Boy.

In Mostwanted.zip, I explore what I perceive to be an emerging genre, i.e., the integration of cyber-romance into the romance novel itself. It's been a long time coming, and the romance genre is behind the curve, which is why I chose to start my career with Mostwanted.zip. I'm taking a huge risk, I know, but I trust my voice.

I have a social networking site, and without using the "shameless plug," hope I can get the link made: www.mostwantedzip.ning.com. (Looks like PW's email facility did it for me: it's smarter than I!). I'm actually putting my money where my proverbial mouth is and running a short-fiction contest called "What's in Your Shorts?" with a prize of $100.00, so you're welcome to submit your short story (Hey, it's money!).

My hope is that I can contribute greatly to this delightful forum and its members. I really look forward to being here, and I just want to share that what makes me tick is nurturing long-term relationships with my creative friends and helping them in any way possible.



Main Index » About the Speakeasy » Introductions


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