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May 2, 2009, 4:34 PM

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New member Can't Post

Hello. I'm from Australia. My main aim here is to chisel the craft
into shape by feedback and critique. My day job as an architect
may well be changed to professional writer one day. After
many years of apprenticeship I'm about to sign a publishing
contract on a 150,000 word novel (historical fiction) based
on the life of an Australian outlaw of the 1860s when the only
way of expressing dissent was bushranging. What's changed?

I have about five writing projects on the go concurrently:
sci-fi novel; autobiographical humour; modern remake of the
New Testament; modern Cromwell in Canberra; book of short
stories. The stories didn't sell, so I'm converting them into a
novel on the advice of my agent - a single journey since they're
all about my dysfunctional family and can be tied together and
declared to be fiction. Nobody believed them anyway.

I'm looking forward to a productive collaboration with members
with similar axes to grind. I prefer honest criticism from them since
writing isn't about self-indulgence. My crits will be honest and
frank too, out of respect for them. All progress comes out of suffering
and developing strong stomach muscles. I prefer to read people with
something of substance to say. Waffle bores me: there's too much
of it about by far. My name Harlequin implies a mix of humour with
seriousness. Life is serious (as we find out when we're dead), but
it has to be made a little tolerable by laughter. Thanks for having me.

Joanne Merriam

May 2, 2009, 10:28 PM

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Re: [Harlequin] New member [In reply to] Can't Post

Welcome to the Speakeasy, but this isn't a critique site. I hope you find it useful anyway, in other capacities.

Editor: 7x20 * Upper Rubber Boot Books
Most recently: Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days (Atwood, Bacigalupi, JCO, etc.)

Writer: joannemerriam.com * The Glaze from Breaking (poetry)


May 2, 2009, 11:00 PM

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Re: [JoanneMerriam] New member [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for the welcome and the advice. I've always associated speakeasys with debauchery and lawlessness. Hollywood has a lot to answer for. What's the best site at P&W for crits and critting? - H

Buy this book!

e-mail user

May 3, 2009, 11:21 AM

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Re: [Harlequin] New member [In reply to] Can't Post

There is no such site at P&W.

The Review Mirror, available at www.unsolicitedpress.com

Difficult Listening, Sundays from ten to noon (Central time), at http://www.radiofreenashville.org/.

Shawn Rohrbach
e-mail user

May 4, 2009, 8:03 PM

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Re: [Harlequin] New member [In reply to] Can't Post

I recommend finding strong literary types within easy travel of your home and forming a solid core of critics. virtual critics, especially those who will not use their real names, tend to pop off about their favorite this or that and never really get to the business of writing. you will not find a lot of welcoming advice if you want specific constructive criticism here or on most other sites I have tried. Especially if they are anonymous. I sense you are looking for honest yet constructive input, and what you get with most of these writer's sites is the same snarky chatter you might find at a coffee shop full of hard bitten retirees. I like that occasionally, and go to Twiggs in San Diego and Bauhaus in Seattle for my weekly dose of snark, but for solid writing criticism, you can do no better than some locals near you or at a summer writing conference. Good luck.

Shawn Rohrbach
"Ride a bike, you'll look better naked" Me.

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