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May 2, 2009, 7:12 PM

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Forget 'to be or not to be' - that isn't the question. The question is: why do they do it?
Why do writers write, and why do readers read? I've heard some rather unflattering
answers to both. But the value in seeking answers is that both parties might find more
satisfaction from what they do, writing or reading. If someone were to say: isn't it obvious?
I'd say baloney. Our garbage dumps are full of manuscripts that went nowhere, and the
content on mass media is a sad reflection on the the species we belong to. Are the Sufis
right when they say we're all asleep? Do authors just get attached to a few banal ideas
then stitch together a novel to join the other 999 in a thousand destined for the shredder?
My motive here? To see how the poor 'text provider' might be raised form his position of
badly-paid pawn and virtual irrelevance in the commercial process of publishing. Soldiers
go to war not knowing why. I think authors owe themselves - and society - a higher level
of responsibility than that.

Main Index » About the Speakeasy » Introductions


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