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Another new Hello
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Aug 17, 2006, 2:32 PM

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Another new Hello Can't Post

Hello all,
Well I finally figured out the basics of the sight, I think..
I'm new to the group and hope to gain further insight to the art of communication through expression.

I've been writing for over fifteen years, and just recently have I, for the last time, been gently pushed into realizing I have something to say that might be of some value to someone out there in the world.

Writing has been a definitive constant that allows me ultimate expression, and isn't this what human beings all strive for--the perfect line of purest communication?

Interesting enough is the path that has led me to this persuasive revelation. My personal mirror of analysis meets my walk over the path of life. Is it a little encoding-decoding happy-moment, or just another "a-ha!" realization? Maybe some of both, but it’s time I pay more attention, again. So, I will continue to write and walk the path of life that has so much to reveal, and try to see, interact, and learn as much as I possibly can.

I've found that there is nothing special about writing, though it is the most valuable literacy tool. However, the influence creation yields depends upon the simplest, and at times, nearly impossible means of expression. This is the blend of denotation and connotation that writers pour over late into the night. And so this is the uniqueness of what it is to write, an exclusive personal out-reach to the intricately woven lives of all of us, which is literacy.

Nuff said.
Hope I can live up to my expectations... ha!


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