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Focus on California
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Jul 7, 2006, 2:39 PM

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Focus on California Can't Post

Poets & Writers Inc.

Focus on California

July 7, 2006

"Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country."

--Ana�s Nin

P&W News

New Fiscal Year:
On July 1, a new fiscal year and grant cycle began for the Readings/Workshops program, which provides matching grants for writers to give readings of their work and teach creative writing workshops. To receive first consideration, we encourage presenters to apply for events as early as possible. For R/W program guidelines and an application, go to http://www.pw.org/rw/ca ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAEAAAHGAAC81g ) . A calendar of readings and workshops that have already been approved for funding can be viewed at http://www.pw.org/rw/calendar/index.php?msg_group=CA ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAEAAAJ3AAC81g ) .

Literary Arts

Emerging Voices Fellowships:
Applications are now being accepted for PEN USA's 2007 Emerging Voices Rosenthal Fellowships. This program is designed to help emerging novelists, poets, and creative nonfiction writers from underserved communities gain access to the publishing world. Fellows receive support that includes a stipend, mentoring, and free UCLA Extension writing courses. Fellows will be expected to reside in the Los Angeles area for the duration of the program. For detailed information, visit http://penusa.org/go/voices/section/emerging-voices ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAIAAAJRAAC81g ) .

For information about other grants and awards, visit "Links to Other Resources" (http://www.pw.org/links_pages ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAIAAAOEAAC81g ) ) on P&W's Web site and the "Submissions Calendar" (http://www.pw.org/mag/0607/submissioncalendar.htm ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAIAAAQVAAC81g ) ) from Poets & Writers Magazine.

San Diego Book Awards:
The San Diego Book Awards Association honored many San Diego writers at its 12th annual awards ceremony, including poet Gabriela Anaya Valdapena for her book Welcome, Eavesdropper and Susan Vreeland for her short-story collection Life Studies. For a complete list of award winners, visit http://www.sdbookawards.org/aw2006.html ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAIAAAZuAAC81g ) .

Sacramento Cultural Arts Awards:
Applications are now available for the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission's Cultural Arts Awards. Sacramento County nonprofit organizations with art programs are eligible to apply. Awards provide partial support of general operating expenses or specific arts projects. For guidelines and an application, visit http://www.sacculture.com/grants_org.htm ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAIAAAhKAAC81g ) . Free workshops to assist organizations in the application process will be held on July 10 and 11. Register by calling (916) 566-3992.

Riverside Ghostwalk:
The California Riverside Ballet is seeking story submissions for Ghostwalk, a downtown Riverside event where stories of horror, mystery, and intrigue are brought to life. Selected stories will be told at the event and published in the Ghostwalk booklet, and their authors will receive $25. Send submissions to elandfield604@comcast.net or California Riverside Ballet, 3840 Lemon Street, Riverside, CA 92501 by July 10. For more information, contact Landfield at (951) 787-7850.

Home Pages

This occasional feature spotlights California small presses and literary magazines.

Vespertine Press:
This San Francisco-based journal of hybrid writing publishes writers from mixed cultural backgrounds whose work exemplifies diverse viewpoints and experiences. Vespertine accepts short stories, poetry, translations, novel excerpts, and memoir pieces. A second edition is in the works, so stay tuned for the next submission period. For more information, go to http://www.vespertinepress.org ( http://pw.pmailus.com/pmailweb/ct?d=B5U0XQBzAAMAAAJAAAC81g ) .

Link of the Month

Artist Resource:
Catering to the Bay Area community, this informational site lists events, classes, job openings, and other classifieds for visual artists and writers.


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