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Apr 20, 2011, 1:03 PM

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Re: [mgaby22] Choosing an MFA Program (2012)

1) When to apply is a personal decision. Writers routinely apply and get accepted to MFA programs as graduating undergrads. Whether you'd benefit from going straight to grad school is something you need to determine on your own.

2) As a UMASS undergrad, I'd say you're less likely to get into the UMASS MFA program than a similarly qualified writer from a different institution. Generally speaking, grad programs shy away from taking their own undergrads.

3) You state three wants: 1) Writing time 2) A degree 3) Work experience. Which of those is most important to you? Why do you feel you need to go to graduate school to get things 1 and 2? You do know you can get these things without going to graduate school, right?

4) Your "chances" of getting into a funded program are slim. Very slim. Think about acceptance rates in the range of 1 to .5 percent or less.

5) Funding? Do some research. The info is out there.

6) Reputation? A well regarded program may attract a number of really strong writers, and that's good, but if you're asking whether a program's reputation is going to help you land a job, it won't.

7) Diversity? Of what? The department? The college? The town?

8) Location? Figure out where you feel you can live and narrow your choices from there.

9. Electives? Depends on the program. This information is readily available on program web sites. What non-writing courses do you want to take and why?

10) Campus feel? What's more important to you, developing as a writer or playing frisbee on the quad?

11) Just going into publishing? As what? A writer of fiction? A journalist? An editor? Ad sales? What's your end game? "Going into publishing" is not the same as writing fiction and poetry.

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