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Jul 17, 2010, 6:26 PM

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Re: [LesK] Florida State

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Is it worth it if you're not 100% sold on being an academic?

MissEsquire: I think it depends on what the percentage is. It's really difficult for me to imagine spending 5 years of my life working very, very hard on something that I wasn't either a) committed to or b) being paid relatively well for. Of course, for PhD programs, "b" isn't on the table.

I'm with Les here.

I'm about to enter my third year in a PhD program and can't imagine remaining in the program if I weren't committed 100% to a career in academia. I'd actually drop out the next day if I started having serious, lingering doubts. The purpose of most humanities PhD's is to prepare one for a career in academia.

If the % is less than 99.99%, then no, it's not worth it. Think about it--4-5 years of your life. Even if funded, you'll incur some debt (unless you land one of those sweat deals from Texas Tech). You'll also likely spend that time in a place far away from family and friends.

And to top it off, the kinds of non-academic jobs you might land post-PhD would've been available to you five years earlier with an MFA, and the PhD could (in come cases) over-qualify you.

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Post edited by gcsumfa (Enthusiast) on Jul 17, 2010, 6:31 PM

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