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Mar 6, 2010, 6:44 PM

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Re: [umass76] Re:

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Or perhaps I hoped you would click on it and actually understand what you saw there -- most of the blanks beside job openings represent frozen and cancelled job searches; if you'd actually been following the academic job market during this economic downturn you would know that fewer than half of all CW job searches actually survive to their interview phase.

Yes, I know. I've still followed the site long enough to see many job acceptances go unreported.

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And don't you lecture me on what an R1 university is, nor try to pretend that there is no one at an R1 teaching composition and if a job is at an R1 it can't involve comp. That's imbecilic.

Unlike you, I've actually taught composition recently at an RI--full-time, non-tenure track, w/ benefits. Creative writing professors at R1 MFA programs rarely teach composition because many of these institutions hire full-time, non- tt lecturers to cover the comp load; they also tend to have a lot of TA’s. I think I know what I'm talking about, since I taught in such a department that housed an MFA program while you were practicing law. I'm sure you could find a few exceptions of LSU and Houston MFA professors teaching classes that are typically given to 20 year old TA's--good luck and knock yourself out picking those cherries.

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The term "entry level" is yours, not mine -- my term is the one actually used, TT (and I somehow actually feel the need to point out to you that there are t Ts rather than one because one "enters" on a track but does not immediately receive tenure). All of the jobs on that page are TT, not tenured. A

Yeah, like most jobs in academia with professor in the title--like, you know, most asst. prof positions that go to folks out of grad school. So what?

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involve at least some, and most of them involve exclusively, undergraduate teaching -- again, proving what you said absolutely and irreparably wrong, not that we can expect an acknowledgment.

Exclusively? At a place like Houston? No they don’t. Please.

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I tremble at the thought that you consider jobs at Washburn University, York University, Montclair College, Washington College, Ohio Northern University, Northern Kentucky University, and a slough of satelli te state campuses, coupled with only a few major universities (at my count, 8, generously), as constituting "only the bigger jobs." Can you unpack for us how you're distinguishing Nebraska Wesleyan and Northern Kentucky? I for one would be fascinated.

I was referring to what I’ve noticed about that site over the years, though I can see how my post was unclear in regards to this particular point.

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You are an ignorant twat -- you're intentionally misrepresenting what I've said, in bad faith, and the data, in pursuit of some Quixotic belief that your future is rosy. OKAY. (Pats you on the head). Everything's going to be just fine, sport. Drink your juice now.

I never said that my future was assured. And why I would seek assurance from someone who has lived a life of privilege, growing up in the affluent ‘burbs of Concord, someone who charges applicants hundreds of dollars to look over an SOP? I don't need assurance from you! I've experienced enough of the world to expect anything.


Though I must say, I like you better when you're this way--when you show your true colors instead of using all of the passive-aggressive, "be well, best wishes, I love," type sigs.

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"Entry-level" jobs in academia have a name, moron -- ADJUNCT.


I never realized that “entry-level” only referred to part-time jobs. Thanks for the correction. I guess when I was hired as a full-time lecturer--not an "adjunct"--I avoided an entry-level position for my qualifications at the time! Damn!

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