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Mar 6, 2010, 6:19 PM

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Re: [TC3] 2010 PhD Responses

yeah I think doing more of a mix would be a good idea. I originally intended to apply to CW PhDs and some MFAs as well, but was too broke to afford all the apps and just applied to 4 PhDs. Alas. And I'm terrible at sales, so I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to pitch myself ;-) I treat school too much like a buffet, I think; during my masters I've taken all KINDS of different classes without really focusing on anything other than my poetry workshops. Everything is cool and interesting to me in some way, so I've never really studied any one in thing in depth (beyond 20th century and contemporary poetry).

Good luck to us both in whatever we do with our time between now and next application season! I think things might go a lot better this next time.

You know the sucky thing about having a Houston phone number? Getting lots and LOTS of wrong numbers from other Houston phone numbers. Anytime I see 832 or 713 pop up my heart explodes. Even just today I got a bogus call from an 832 number that left a voice message. Boy did that one freak me out. Anyone know anything about UH notifications? I imagine that's happening soon?

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