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Feb 26, 2010, 3:56 PM

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Re: Low-Residency Program Rankings

[NB: Apparently my browser automatically takes me to two pages prior to the current page of comments, so it looks like I've just answered a query Bardberry made in December 2009! Sorry about that. The link is still good though].


The current low-residency rankings (and the only comprehensive rankings of such programs ever done) can be found here.

Keep in mind that the 2007 "lists" in The Atlantic were explicitly designed to be non-ranked and non-exhaustive. The five low-res programs listed in that article were not claimed to be the "top five" low-residency programs but rather (and crucially, as the article's author conceded) "five top" programs. Likewise, the lists were based primarily on one journalist's opinions. The ranking linked to above polled nearly 200 low-residency applicants over a five-year period.

The only other ranking done which included low-residency rankings was done in 1996, about fifteen years ago, by U.S. News and World Report. But it was a mixed ranking, including full-residency MFAs, MA programs, and doctoral programs also. In fact only four low-res programs were even include: Warren Wilson came out at #20, Bennington #37, Vermont College #69, and Goddard College #83. I wouldn't rely on those way-outdated rankings, though -- not only because they only included those four low-res MFA programs, but also because there are about 300% more low-res programs now than there were in 1996. The current rankings (as you can see at the link) include only low-res programs, and have Warren Wilson and Vermont College tied for #1, followed by Bennington at #3 (and Goddard still strong at #9).

Hope this helps,

Be well,
Seth Abramson
The Suburban Ecstasies

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