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Jan 10, 2010, 10:40 AM

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Re: [Trilbe] The Waiting Game...Have you heard yet???

What genre are you in?
Fiction (with some poetry)

How long have you been workshopping/writing seriously?
Since my senior year of college. I did an MA Creative Writing program after that which was an intense year of workshopping, but that was many years ago. I haven't been in any formal workshops since, just exchange work with some friends for comments.

Are you published?
Maybe a dozen or so pieces at Prairie Schooner, the Carolina Quarterly, etc. One got nominated for a Pushcart, though I still have no idea how or why. It's been years since I've submitted anything, though.

What did you do to prepare your pieces for your applications?
I submitted a piece I'm currently working on (an excerpt from a novella). It's pretty rough, as it's an early draft, but best represents the kind of work I want to do going forward. I let two people read it, a good friend and essentially a stranger, and used the feedback for some initial revisions. I have no idea whether submitting this piece was really dumb or not....

Were you an active part of the writers' networking communities/did you meet influential people at the schools before the apps?
I got a very late start applying to programs, so I exchanged emails with the directors of a few to see if I could submit materials after the deadline. Other than that I haven't met any people at the programs to which I applied. But I do know a few teachers/visiting writers at other programs, mostly people I met in the MA program I did.

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Edit Log:
Post edited by frankish (Novice) on Jan 10, 2010, 10:41 AM

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