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Oct 27, 2009, 9:38 PM

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Re: [mgoss7] Choosing a PhD program

Hi mgoss7,

I'm a poet @ Cincinnati & can tell you that the majority of my peers hold MFAs. More, I think that a few of the MFA programs out there actually (ironically) offer more funding than most PhDs. Indeed, if you're more interested in a place where you can simply hone your writing (without thinking of conferences, etc), I'd actually advise against a PhD.

So, depending on your goals and how strong your CV is, you may want to expand your search to include MFA programs. That said, if you're interested in continuing more work from the critical, scholarly perspective and honing your craft then a PhD might be perfect for you (I think most require MA or MFA). But be forewarned that the applicant pool for CW PhDs does seem to be getting stronger and stronger each year.

Regardless, if you'd like more info about UC, feel free to PM me. Personally, I'm really happy with the program, frequently amazed by my luck, and continuously impressed by my peers, but I can tell you that UC would not, in my opinion, be a good fit for a person who wants to take as many workshops as feasible or wants to avoid theory at all costs.

Good luck!


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