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Gena Goodman

Aug 12, 2009, 8:50 PM

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Re: [OldScribe2000] The oh-so-coveted 18th spot

It is useful. Thank you! Especially in terms of Arkansas... it has a good website in terms of the nuts and bolts, but nothing beats eye-witness experience. Two sections a semester does sound rather strenuous. In terms of Ole Miss, I actually had the honor of meeting both Beth Anne Fennelly and Tom Franklin when they came to Florida for 'Writer's in Paradise", and I spoke with them during some round-table discussions. They had great things to say about each program (the one they attended [Arkansas] and the one at which they taught [Miss]), and were in general extremely sweet people. Tom Franklin has a fiction-writing style that's rather contrary to my own (rough and tumble realism... hunting through the woods, bloody wars, etc) but from discussions with him it doesn't seem to affect his ability to appreciate other sorts of writing, which is always encouraging from a workshop leader.


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Edit Log:
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