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Main Index » Writing and Publishing » MFA Programs The oh-so-coveted 18th spot: Edit Log

Gena Goodman

Aug 11, 2009, 7:57 PM

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The oh-so-coveted 18th spot

So, finally, after 3+ years of watching people apply, I'm giving it a go. I've decided on sending out 18 fiction applications (yes, I know I might be erring on the side of excess. But the fees aren't going to break me, so what the hell? I might as well :) ). The list is mostly finalized, except for the 18th spot, for which 3 programs: University of South Florida; University of Central Florida; and University of South Carolina are competing.

Almost all of my other schools are fully-funded and on the smaller side of the admission rate scale. While I'm aware there is no such thing as a "safety school", I am trying to give my list a few universities with better acceptance rates. I currently live in Florida, and enjoy Tampa and Orlando, the respective cities of USF and UCF. They are both very new programs, however... which might mean a fresh outlook and might mean a still-developing system. USC worries me because of their habit of accepting/rejecting late (past April 15th) and their lack of clear funding information (in terms of $ amounts).

Any opinions for the fiction applicant on that last spot? USF, UCF, or USC?

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Edit Log:
Post edited by gg.scholastica (Novice) on Aug 11, 2009, 7:59 PM

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