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Mar 7, 2009, 4:29 PM

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Re: [potshot] Rejected again...

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Got the Cornell rejection today, as expected. Is there a thread for what to do after all this is over and no schools said "yes"?

I know a girl from my area who applied to 11 schools last year and got into ZERO. She spent the past year writing more stories, improving her craft, and submitting them to pubs. She got one published. Meanwhile, she still works at her real estate firm. She said she might give it another go this coming Winter 2009, but only a handful of targeted schools. She's not interested in teaching creative writing so the practical necessity of an MFA is not there for her. But she has MFA dreams -- as if her life is not complete without that MFA experience. Sort of like a two-year writer's retreat. More than likely, she will return to her real estate job after her MFA gig is over. That's IF she gets accepted this time around.

The point is...keep writing and submitting.

I mean, you're still a writer regardless of the MFA. So, you should theoretically be writing and submitting no matter what.

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