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Feb 22, 2009, 3:16 PM

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Re: [whyGA77] I'm IN!

The New School -- Congratulations for getting in by the way -- the professors are greeeeat I hear -- TNS has a couple of scholarships. If its not too late you should apply for those. Also, yes, financial aid. You can get up to $28,500 in federal loans and your finaid officer should figure your budget at btw. 40-50K+ so you should get all of those loans. Remember to ask your finaid officer for work study -- grad students can qualify as well. If you establish NY residency then in your second year you can also get TAP, which doesn't give you much money but will give you something and its free money -- yay. If your credit is good you can also get private loans or get jobs. The cool thing about New York and TNS is that since NY is the city that never sleeps you can get jobs at odd hours like 4-12 or midnight -8am if you want to take daytime classes and if TNS is like the rest of the New York MFAs, they should have a fair if not copious number of classes taking place after work hours so you can work during traditional hours. Substitute teaching pays $147/ day and substitute paralegaling pays $90/day (find out more through teachnyc.com -- http://schools.nyc.gov/TeachNYC/default.htm). All you need is a b.a. for the substitute teaching.

Although when the economy gets bad the legal and bank jobs diminish they are out there -- especially for third shift: legal proofreading, freelance paralegal (if you have a b.a. with a good GPA they'll train you to do that) Do you know Microsoft Office, Powerpoint? You can work as a freelance legal word processor or do powerpoint for the banks -- good money - $20-30/hr. This is just the stuff my friends and I have done. There's plenty more. You can even get a job in Atlantic cities and go down on weekends to work at a casino. Financially it may not be the easiest but if you get over the idea of having your own apartment or living close to school (choose Brooklyn if you can but you may have to got to Washington Heights, the Bronx or New Jersey. I personally like Staten Island but that may be too much of a commute for a new york newbie).Okay, anymore you can reply or pm me.

And, ouch, this hurts to share, but I will: every body knows that MFAers can apply for the Javits fellowship right -- there said it, gimme points for community spirit. LOL

(This post was edited by Khalilah on Feb 22, 2009, 3:19 PM)

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Post edited by Khalilah (User) on Feb 22, 2009, 3:19 PM

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