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Feb 2, 2009, 8:31 PM

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Re: [PJwave1] reading list

I don't have any specific info, but I do know applications in fiction alone have gone up, and are at about 700 (which is about 200 more than when I applied to the program three years ago). However, this shouldn't slow things so much. UM's admissions works on a tier system. Teams of two (one faculty member and one other person, usually a recent graduate with a book) read through their allotted portion of the applications (so every application gets read at least twice, which helps guard against anybody getting rejected just because an app reader had a bad day or didn't like their style or whatever). Those that make it out of this round then go to a board of faculty, and then the director makes the final cuts.

Before they had three teams for this early round, but now there are five, so the uptick in applications shouldn't bog things down. And because of this system, there's no situation where people are already being admitted or anything--it all gets decided at once. As far as I know from what little I've heard, everything is more or less on schedule, and so announcements should be made at their usual time--end of february (which is pretty much the day after the final decisions get made).
hope that helps. good luck!

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