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Nov 30, 2008, 2:14 AM

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Re: [mvalente] Re:

People often make this point: that Columbia is worth the fleece because you get to hobnob with agents. New York literary agents!. That the suits have a soft spot for Columbia grads...

Setting aside for the moment what a ridiculous blow to your self-esteem it must be to realize you just paid $75 K to chat with an agent --

Damn you, codeine, you've lost my train of thought!

-- setting that aside, I still don't think it's anything to bank on. Think of the few impressive folks Columbia's produced this last decade (none of my complaints are against the actual teachers or students), and remember: 25 students per class! As with every program, the vast majority of students are not going anywhere but to their ATM. Who knows how that $75,000 conversation you had will pay off five, ten, fifteen years down the line as you're still struggling to repay your loans.

Anyway. I'm not a class warrior or anything. The price, their business practices, just strike me as highly dubious. The one person I know who did go to Columbia MFA -- a sweet girl, a rich girl -- well, funny thing, she only thought she was rich, poor girl, before Columbia -- was super connected. Her daddy got her a sinecure at a big publishing house right out of undergrad. She met a big famous author who wrote her rec letters. She was one of the 25. And -- I don't know if this is typical -- but she did hobnob with some other young, rich, connected agent-y types at Columbia. She was elated. For weeks. But in the end, it didn't amount to anything. You still got to have mad skillz and super luck, I guess.

Now her trust fund's gone and she's got LOANS to repay. She advised me to save my application fee.

six five four three two one 0 ->

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