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Luke Johnson

Nov 29, 2008, 10:01 AM

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Re: [insertbrackets] Re:

I don't know what the funding situation is like, but if you're a Dorrianne Laux fan, consider NC State. That's where she moved...plus they have John Balaban...and he's freaking amazing. The fact that he hasn't won a national book award is beyond me...

But I guess funding is probably priority number 1. You'd think at a big state school like State they'd have it...it might be they haven't caught on yet. But as soon as they do, I imagine NC State will be one of the top poetry programs in the country.

Edit: I hear Houston is amazing for PhD program, but it's tiered, so they PhD kids get a lot more attention than the MFAs. That, and I'm fairly sure I heard Doty is heading to greener pasture (with his National Book Award in hand). But Hoagland and Nick Flynn are nothing to sneeze at.


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Edit Log:
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