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Nov 25, 2008, 4:01 PM

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Re: [umass76] Re:Progress in the process

I'm very very different from most applicants in many respects. That's why I hope and pray that my writing samples are good enough to get me past the initial reads by the Admissions Committee. Once they get to my Personal Statement and look through my other application materials, I'm a shoo-in. But the key is the writing sample.

I was so worried about it that I specifically took a couple of fiction workshop classes this winter to get my writing samples workshopped by others and the expert MFA-grad instructors. I was pleasantly surprised that most (nearly all) of them loved my stories. I'm hoping they weren't being nice just to be nice. I also got a professional writer (one of my recommenders) to review my writing samples. He loved them so much he said, "I'd be surprised if you didn't get into Iowa."

So, here I am with writing samples that have met with positive feedback and I'm still worried. Why? These MFA programs only have room for a small number of students. They reject hundreds of quality applicants with quality writing samples. Luck is what I need.

So, am I worried about the 4-7% admission rate? No. I think my chances are better than that. What I'm worried about are the 50-70 or so applicants of each school who are quality applicants and who have submitted quality writing samples. That's who I'm worried about. I'm not worried about Greta Goodwrite; I'm worried about the super-talented applicants whose writing samples and application materials really shine.

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