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Oct 17, 2008, 9:27 PM

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Re: [flobelle] Whittling Down "The List"

Hi Flobelle,

It sounds like, despite asking the question, you've already pretty much made up your mind on this topic. Which is fine, but you should realize that Illinois State is an M.A., not an M.F.A., and Brown is both a) one of the top five hardest programs to get into in the United States, and b) not one of the twenty programs in the U.S. fully funded for all students for both years. Plus it's a two-year program, and many applicants are interested in the several dozen three-year programs out there.

Anyone who makes their admissions decision primarily based on the perceived aesthetics of a program--in an environment in which, if the school admits you in the first place, they're already indicating a welcoming attitude to your aesthetics--is making a huge and costly mistake. I think you should realize that a lot more thought has gone into the current conventional wisdom about MFA programs than you're acknowledging. I think if you spend a few months reading around the major websites on MFAs you'll see what I mean. No one's going into this half-assed, if that's your concern. The best advice continues to be to apply to 12 to 15 programs, and to place "perceived aesthetic bias" (a largely speculative category of assessment) into its proper place in the decision-making tree--an unprivileged one. Best of luck,


P.S. I gave you a link, above, to an MFA program assessment tool advising consideration of approximately thirty factors in deciding which programs to apply to. Your response said that the advice here, and that the trend here, was/is to "apply blindly." That sort of tells me that you're asking a question but not taking a lot of time to listen to the answer--perhaps because you feel you already know it.

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