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Aug 30, 2008, 3:08 PM

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Re: [umass76]

I don't dismiss the rankings entirely...I definitely think they're a step in the right direction. I still think the best thing an applicant can do is just look at all available info (and note that it's often measuring different things) find out what's important to them, and make their own rankings.

It definitely is a joke trying to get information from many programs. But there are schools -- good ones -- that are very helpful, too. For instance, Alabama was just about the friendliest bunch of folks I've ever corresponded with. They gave me application numbers, acceptance rates, funding info, etc. as well as thoughtful, detailed answers to the most arcane and anxious questions I could throw at them. To me, that was very important, and they moved way up my list.

Anyway. I don't think any resource is going to tell you everything. It's ultimately up to the individual to make it all happen.

six five four three two one 0 ->

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