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Aug 30, 2008, 2:03 PM

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Re: [Clench Million]


I agree with you about hiring committees, and I already said that earlier in the conversation--hiring committees don't pay as much attention to rankings as MFA applicants do, and aren't online as much as younger writers are (generally speaking), so they're still working off outdated information as to school reputations. That means that, for a few years more, the schools you and Dorchester mentioned will indeed have the most pull with hiring committees. But it won't be that way for much longer. Eventually, reduced applications and reduced selectivity leads to a weaker cohort, which leads to less postgraduate success and therefore less notice from hiring committees. Also, given that I receive e-mails regularly from MFA programs referencing my blog and the forthcoming Creative Writing MFA Handbook, I don't think it'll be long before universities are aware of the rankings which are so disregarded by some here (1% of the readers here and at Kealey's blog, I estimate).

As to calling the programs to get information, I've only just stopped laughing a moment ago. If you want to try prying information from MFA programs about the details of their funding and their acceptance rates and their applicant-pool sizes and (in some cases) even just their annual class size, feel free. You've got hundreds of hours of largely fruitless work ahead of you. The only thing which is moving us toward transparency in MFA program applications is, ironically, precisely these rankings you don't think so much of. One of the reasons I started doing this was to create accountability. And if my e-mail in-box is any indication, that is--slowly but surely--starting to happen. It's not an accident that an article I've written on MFA funding will appear in the November print edition of Poets & Writers. The TSE rankings, and, to a much greater extent, Kealey's work, has put programs on notice that someone is watching them now, and publications like Poets & Writers are signalling in ways that count that they're willing and interested in joining this effort.

Be well,

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