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Jul 10, 2008, 2:59 PM

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Re: [moomoocow42] Choosing an MFA Program (2009)

Michigan was fabulous for me, and they had great funding. I got my MFA for free, and they also handed out small summer travel grants to everyone, though I think that was because they'd gotten an unexpected donation that allowed them to do that (i.e. it's not a regular thing). Everyone there had at least 1/2 funding, I believe it was, and easily half of us had full funding. Everybody had TA-ships of some kind or another (e.g. assisting a professor teaching a Lit class, or teaching your own section of comp or creative writing...). And the grad students' union (as in labor union) was excellent, so a TA-ship was really a great deal in terms of how much time was required for the money.

Also, Michigan has the Hopwood awards--fiction, nonfiction, poetry, screenplay, essay, yada--which are some serious awards, financially speaking, and a lot of them are won by MFA students, for the obvious reason that the MFA students are all fantastic writers. (The awards are open only to students, but they're open to any student in any discipline, grad or undergrad.)

As for your girlfriend's job--what field is she in?

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my first priority is funding. While I plan to have a bit of money saved up from work by the time I go to school, I'd like to obviously spend as little of it as possible, keeping it for emergencies and such. My second priority is location, which ranks pretty close to my first priority. I currently live in Chicago, and would love to not have to move very far. It would have to take either a stellar program or a knockout funding package (or both) to get me to move to either coast. Lastly, and keeping with the location priority, I do somewhat need to stay at programs that are close to mid- or large-sized cities, as I am dragging my girlfriend along with me, and she needs to find gainful employment in her field in wherever we end up. Here is the list so far:

University of Illinois at Chicago
Columbia College (in Chicago)
Roosevelt University
Notre Dame
University of Michigan
Johns Hopkins
Temple University
University of Pittsburgh
George Mason University

Daleth Demented (Blog)

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