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Jul 4, 2008, 3:49 PM

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Re: [jaywalke] best teaching of writing programs

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I have found little info about MFA programs with the best teaching of writing programs. I'm trying to develop a top ten list of best pedagogy programs.

Interesting question. It points out a difficult problem of the current system: the MFA's intent, for the most part, is to produce working writers, but not necessarily teachers of writing. Most programs have one class and then practicum (as TAs, then perhaps solo), but the workshop is given ten times the emphasis.

I'm in my second semester at Queens, and the director, Fred Leebron, said something very interesting about this. He went to Johns Hopkins, Iowa and was a Stegner Fellow, but he said he came out lacking four crucial survival skills. He didn't know how to: read like a writer, write a book review, shape a novel or teach creative writing. Obviously, he's trying to remedy that now that he gets to choose a curriculum, but low-res doesn't offer the chance for much teaching practicum.

I wonder how long it will be before there are dedicated pedagogy programs. In theatre, there are over 100 schools at which to get an MFA in acting. There is exactly one (Pitt) that offers an MFA in performance pedagogy. They accept 2 STUDENTS EVERY OTHER YEAR!

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