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Apr 9, 2008, 7:51 PM

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Re: [Blanca78] wait lists

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So, since lots of people here are getting in off wait lists (including myself), I was wondering how other people feel about potentially going to a school they got into off a wait list. Basically, I'm deciding between a school that accepted me with great enthusiasm that I have grown to love, and a last minute wait-list acceptance to a (slightly) more prestigious program that was originally one of my top three, if not my #1 choice. At this point I'm leaning toward the former school, partly because I feel more psychologically secure going somewhere that I know has much enthusiasm for my work. Is anybody else thinking about this issue? Or am I the only neurotic one out there?

p.s. the programs are very similar in other respects--both fully funded (although one's in a more expensive metro area), three years, similar size, three genres...

I wouldn't worry at all about getting in off the waitlist, in terms of how you'll be received. You have to understand that to be waitlisted at many programs means that you're more than qualified for admission, it's just that there are usually more highly qualified candidates than available funded spots. For instance, if you're waitlisted at a competitive program, you're still likely in the top 5-7% of applicants...meaning that you were ranked ahead of more than 90% of the applicants.

In short, don't take any of it personally. Look at it this way: assuming you go on the job market one day, you might as well get used to it, because it's fairly common for folks with two books to be "rejected" for a job. Doesn't make these folks bad writers--it's just that the other 50 candidates all had at least two books as well, but there was only one job to offer.

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