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Mar 4, 2008, 9:03 PM

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Re: [shoe1234] Georgia

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What about Nebraska? Anyone apply? There's something about that program I like. I've heard the admissions committee is meeting this Friday and that some applicants will be notified through email and others via post. I have a feeling the email is the more favorable of the two. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

I applied to Nebraska, and I absolutely love that program and department (based on my pre-application research). UNL is actually in my top 2. The department seems very innovative and progressive, and I've heard good things about the faculty. For instance, you can fulfill part of the language req's through a collateral field, several cool interdisciplinary concentrations/certificates are offered, and NO GRE's--not even the general GRE. From their website:

NEW Graduate Record Exam Policy:
The Graduate Faculty in the Department of English no longer requires GRE scores for application to the MA or PhD degree programs. Applicants may choose to include GRE scores with their applications, but no penalty will accrue to applicants who choose not to do so. We have come to this decision based on a number of considerations. In particular, we note that the GRE does not assess the critical, analytical, and imaginative competencies we value in our program; the GRE is not a reliable predictor of an applicant's ability to succeed in our program or in graduate study generally; the GRE is expensive; the GRE is coachable (ETS sells its own test preparation materials); and perhaps most importantly, there is considerable evidence that the GRE may be subject to race, gender, and economic bias and therefore limits access to graduate study for women, people of color, and people from poor and working-class backgrounds. In making this decision, we join Harvard Divinity School, Brown University Division of Engineering, UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, the UCLA MA and MFA programs in the School of Theatre, Film, and Television, and other progressive programs across the nation.

Link: http://english.unl.edu/grad/admission.html

How refreshing is THAT?

I also saw some survey not too long ago that ranked Nebraska as one of the ten best academic climates to work in in the country. I've also heard good things about Lincoln; there are a lot of stereotypes about Nebraska, but Lincoln is supposedly a nice little city, and Omaha is only 30 miles away; I've heard a lot of good things about Omaha too. Kansas City isn't that far away.

Can you all tell that I really really really really like UNL?

Nebraska, if you're reading this, please admit me:-)

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